You Look Like The Songs

At this very moment I am so completely blown away by my God's decision to pour out favor upon my life, despite the absolute crappy job I've done serving Him. 

I mean, as a person I need serious work. I always tend towards pessimism and impatience. My polite friends say I'm a realist, but I know what I am. I'm sarcastic, crabby, and ill-tempered. 

The majority of the time I get absorbed with self-pity, self-centerdness, self-loathing, and self-righteousness. My eyes stray from the Prize so very often. Just look at me now, I'm happy and excited when things are going well for me. 

And yet 


Why?!?!??! One reason alone: I am His. 

With as weak as my heart has been at times, I know the God I serve, and I clung to this hope, which I will repeat one more time: 

Sometimes what comes easily for others, God reserves and holds back for a supernatural revelation of His glory. Hallelujah!!!! Would I ever wish to trade this testimony? Never!!!

Our Father delights in pouring out His favor on His children. There is nothing any of us can do to earn it. It is a gift. And if this is how much He loves me, with the darkest parts of my heart completely exposed to Him, He must be aching to see His love be made complete. To see as many of His children as possible rejoicing in His name. He wants to see you abounding and overwhelmed with joy. 

OUR GOD WANTS US TO ENJOY HIM!!!! To enjoy the blessings He gives us. To enjoy our time on Earth, and then have a rad party when we go home. 


"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." 
                              ---John Piper

I've been belting this song out all day:


Dreams Don't Turn To Dust

I want to be...

Kind instead of harsh
Loving instead of judgmental
Passionate instead of passive
Resolute instead of vagrant
Generous instead of greedy
Secure instead of vain
Hopeful instead of bleak
Tender instead of brash
Open instead of closed off
Steadfast instead of fickle

l   Post title inspiration: "Dreams Don't Turn To Dust"  -Owl City  l


Some days my heart just aches for people. People who need to know they are loved beyond comprehensible measure. People who are so close, yet so far from freedom. People who think they know what it's all about, but still miss the mark.

And that gets me wondering, does God think that about me? Does He mourn who I could be. Or is He satisfied with what I am now? Since I am redeemed, does He see me as spotless? Am I viewed as the final me, or as the work-in-progress me?