Ripped And Torn At The Seams

The Heiress, The Liar, and The True Story
Beaten, battered, broken.
Dress torn, innocence lost, dreams stolen.
The Cinderella story is make believe,
But this is real, unrelenting deceit.  
She seems to recall being told that she was special, that she was priceless.
But everywhere she turns she hears the word 'worthless.'
He said that it's because she was His that she would be so viciously hated.
But someone else says it's her own fault that she's insulted and berated. 
There's that truth manipulated with a lie again. 
On her own there is nothing but a helpless, shell of a woman. 
And that's where the Liar would like to leave the story.
But grace brings restoration which transforms the broken into glory.
When the necklace was pulled and the pearls hit the floor
He wept with you, and promised you'd be restored. 
Bring you into wholeness, and adorn your head with a crown.
You'll kneel at His feet and lay it all down. 
That's the beauty of the reward. 
When it's given, it will be ignored.
Thrown aside by the wonder of His presence. 
Which completely overshadows the sufferings of the present. 
"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." Romans 8:18

l   Post title inspiration: "Pendulum"  -Embodyment  l


We Share a Name, We Share a Wonder

I've had a bit of a mini-revelation start forming in my mind over the last few days/weeks. There's a book I really want to start reading called Sacred Marriage, and the tag line sums up exactly what I've been thinking/feeling for a while now:

The idea started to bloom in my mind when I was in a worship service several weeks ago now. Our marriage had been at a really rough point for a few months, and to be honest I was completely at the end of my rope. I had been sick and I was exhausted emotionally and physically. Both Steve and I had really been struggling with sin problems and were fighting constantly. 

I literally heard the Lord speak these words directly into my heart:

"Your marriage isn't about your loyalty to your husband.  
It's about your loyalty to ME." 

Man alive---that changed my entire attitude. Taking that a step further, any opposition to that is directly caused by sin nature and the influence of the Enemy.  

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10

Satan wants to steal the joy out of my life and my marriage. He wants to kill the love and destroy the hope for a future. And more than anything, He wants to separate me from intimacy with the Lord. This makes me angry. Bloody angry. 

When I consider that everything marriage-related is directly related to my relationship with the Lord it makes me want to selflessly submit to my husband with love, respect, and ((most of all)) kindness. 

I have a feeling I'm not done with this revelation. 
Stay tuned for a possible sequel. 

l   Post title inspiration: "Colors"  -The Rocket Summer   l


We Live and We Learn, Crash and We Burn

-- Questions concerning beauty and what it is. --

I wonder if you're pretty when you're not all done up?
Beneath the makeup and the pinned up hair?

Without the heals and the high fashion,
Is there really anything beautiful there?

Do you have a heart of gold? 
Do you care for the widow, the orphan, the voiceless?

Or has virtue grown old?
Is compassion a trend that is so last year?

Do I really believe that beauty is a matter of the soul?
Or have I let myself be defined by this plastic world?

If charm is deceptive am I the biggest fraud of them all?
Why do we grasp at straws to hold onto something that is so quickly fleeting?

Is what I see the mirror the same picture 
That the Lord sees when He looks at my heart? Or worse? 

How long have I allowed vanity to reign as victor?
Where to start cutting through the vines?

If I come to you Lord, will You weed through them for me?
Can I come to you broken and be made into something glorious?

Is it possible to move past all this intentional injury?
To forsake all others and find worth in You alone? 

l   Post title inspiration: "Hide Nothing"  -Further Seems Foreverl