We Live and We Learn, Crash and We Burn

-- Questions concerning beauty and what it is. --

I wonder if you're pretty when you're not all done up?
Beneath the makeup and the pinned up hair?

Without the heals and the high fashion,
Is there really anything beautiful there?

Do you have a heart of gold? 
Do you care for the widow, the orphan, the voiceless?

Or has virtue grown old?
Is compassion a trend that is so last year?

Do I really believe that beauty is a matter of the soul?
Or have I let myself be defined by this plastic world?

If charm is deceptive am I the biggest fraud of them all?
Why do we grasp at straws to hold onto something that is so quickly fleeting?

Is what I see the mirror the same picture 
That the Lord sees when He looks at my heart? Or worse? 

How long have I allowed vanity to reign as victor?
Where to start cutting through the vines?

If I come to you Lord, will You weed through them for me?
Can I come to you broken and be made into something glorious?

Is it possible to move past all this intentional injury?
To forsake all others and find worth in You alone? 

l   Post title inspiration: "Hide Nothing"  -Further Seems Foreverl

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