Oceans Will Part

About two weeks ago I was woken up at 3 am with this weighing heavily on my heart. After some wonderful conversation with a friend yesterday I feel it may be time to share.

Two waves of Christianity stirring. 

The first is being lifted and washed up higher and farther away. Taken out to sea by the doctrines of relativism and mediocrity. Swimming in water that is even less than luke-warm. Splashing in tepid toilet water Christianity, so far diluted it is no longer nourishing to the soul whatsoever. It is an easy Christianity that is kind to the ego and allows a person to believe they are Christ-like by wading in ankle-deep authenticity. 

The second is a low, rooted people worshiping in dimly lit rooms. Where the presence of God is so heavy you can feel it on your skin like a humid August day. Slow, steady rumbles that are quiet at first, but grow in volume, confidence, and power. Waves of people yearning and calling out for the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. A people than might not necessarily notice their friends being swept away, because they are so caught up in the Presence of the Lord.

Both waves alive and moving gradually further apart. And the Enemy using this to further pull people away. We must be keen to what our surroundings are. We must throw out ropes to pull people back to their roots.  And we must plant our feet deep and wide into the ground so we too don't get pulled away to half-heartedness. Not Christ-like, but Christ-FULL. Not 'politically correct Christianity', but fully saturated, unrestrained, Kingdom focussed Glory.

l   Post title inspiration: "Oceans Will Part"  -Hillsong United l

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Bethany said...

Manda, this is so, so right on. THANK YOU for sharing it!!