I have always loved to write, and poetry is usually the way my thoughts are best described. I have decided to start posting some of my favorites on here. This is something I wrote just a few days ago that explains the relationship I have with my Creator. Its kind of a cause and effect type of piece, the first being before and the latter is after.

Fly : Away

I dream of flying above the city skyline.
I want to see the sights above the traffic lights.

Sweep me off my feet.
I want to be where fear of man does not hold me back.

I will jump and not think twice.
There is no room for the faint of heart.

Take me where the sky and sea meet.
Reaching farther, grasping higher.

Reveal to me with brilliant clarity.
Transcendence is my desire.

Shed the baggage, abandon the fright.
There is nothing to hide in the dead of night.

On the wings of The Most High
I see things more clearly.

Perplexed that in the Face of Glory
It is not shame that I feel, but love.

With no one but You to impress
All else fades to grey.

Remarkably calm in Your presence.
Everything changes when You take me away.

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Levi and Ally said...

Poetry is a beautiful thing. Nicely written.